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Top Quickbooks seller

We are an exclusive agent of Quickbooks Accounting within Bahrain through the Master Partner TNC.

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Website Development

We specifically develop and design websites andecommerce based on your organization’s requirements

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Web & Application Developments

We develop and design state-of-the-art websites, and ecommerce websites and applications at the high-est-level of development and design with the […]

Globally Recognized Accounting Programs

We are exclusive agents to the top accounting softwaresystems worldwide; QuickBooks, Sage 50, and Tally.Based on years of experiences ICS […]

Social Media Management

We have the most skillful team of marketing anddigital media specialists offering the clients thebest service in the country. Our […]

Who are we?

ICS is a privately-owned company located in the Kingdom of Bahrain, established in the year 2010, by young ambitious and experienced individuals. ICS is an emerging organization striving within the service sector and is well known for offering two main quality services; Information and technology solutions, and marketing services. The information and technology solutions ICS offer are; e-commerce, website developments and technical business solutions. ICS offers exceptional e-commerce services which include e-commerce websites and mobile applications.


ICS excel in the field of; information and technology, business solutions, and marketing. We offer Information and technology business solutions customized to any organization’s needs whether small, medium or large to resolve operational inaccuracies, ineffectiveness and inefficiencies. The information and technology business services we offer evidentially Increase operational efficiency and opportunities to excel and develop trough systemized solutions.

Software and Website Developement


Hylobiz is a Software that helps the Small/Medium/Enterprise business to help for Collection of Payments and the Reconciliations.  The Software can work independently or integrated with the Customer ERP.

Receivable Collections

Integrate your Accounting Platform with Hylobiz or just upload your invoice file to kick start your digital collections now. Hylobiz Receivables help you in getting paid faster. Digitize your payment collections. Set an Invoice template and send Invoices on the go. Your customer can pay online with two-factor authentication in place

Payable Automation

Hylobiz Payables automates Vendor payments via APIs secured with multi-factor authentication and tracking online and offline [Cheque & Cash] payments feature. Organizations can utilize Payables feature to reimburse employee expense and pay on time with reminders and bulk payout feature

Digital Ledger

Hylobiz Digital Ledger allows to build business transparency between you and your business counterparts making the account statement available online for your buyer and staff. The feature empowers you to share the account statements periodically or on need basis over your preferred channel of communication. You can also create your distribution network and build your marketplace

Stock House

Hylobiz Stock House is an innovative inventory management solution that helps businesses in keeping track of stocks smartly. Apart from managing the status, the solution helps in tagging the items as Public and Private Modes allows the distribution network access your stock and place orders. The Stock House solution can be used both by inventory and non-inventory led businesses. The non-inventory led businesses like consultants can add their Services in place of physical goods leading to respective invoices

Automated Reconciliation

All your invoices and Purchase Orders are consolidated and updated in a single report with a Unique Payment Identity Number. The platform manages the audit trail of all your partial and complete payments, offering you the Reconciliation Report from anywhere, anytime


ICS are exclusive agents to the top accounting software systems worldwide; QuickBooks, Sage 50, and Tally. Based on years of experiences ICS chose to specialize in the QuickBooks accounting software since it is offered at a competitive price in relation to the value gained from its Incredible features. The system is offered through multiple versions suitable for each business type and


Through ICS’s continuous ambition to develop IT programs to improve the efficiency of business operations across all industries a software integrated with QuickBooks was created which is compatible with Bahrain’s cheque format in order to automatically print and record cheques with Quickbooks integration.


The Payroll system was developed by ICS as a result of extensive research illustrating that organizations are carrying out payroll practices inaccurately and inefficiently due to manual payroll processing. ICS have developed a payroll system which can be integrated with the biometric fingerprint scanner tand the Quick- Books accounting software. ICS guarantees you accuracy and time efficiency when implementing the integrated system in terms of payroll processing and accounting. The payroll system works by calculating wage through time tracing, and absence tracking extracted from the biometric fingerprint scanner as well
as employee details inputted within the system. Wage calculations are than exported to the QuickBooks for payroll accounting


Integrate QuickBooks with with our cheque tool sotfware to record and print your cheques accurately.


ICS develop and design state-of-the-art websites, and ecommerce websites and applications at the highest- level of development and design with the use of the most skilled web developers and graphic designers. We specifically develop and design websites and ecommerce based on your organization’s requirements and operations fulfilling the aim of increased revenue generated from increased exposure to your products and services



We have the most skillful team of marketing and digital media specialists offering the clients the best service in the country. Our social media management service has a goal to utilize social media platforms in a way that will help clients market their business with the minimal amount of resources. We manage social media accounts through designing posts, writing content, carrying out customer interaction, inserting tagging and locations. We guarantee that your posts reach the largest amount of target customers, through strategies such as; posting based on location, tagging, time and date to reach the largest range of consumers.


We are always up to date with current trends. Through extensive research we know how to develop a branding strategy that has a purpose, values, personality, positioning, and identity which reflects the values, personalities, and identity of your target customers. We design all your marketing material and tools with designs, colors, fonts, which represent your brand through the elements mentioned above. The main marketing material we design, and print are; logos, business cards, letterheads, envelopes and folders.


ICS design printed brochures and leaflets as well as digital brochures and leaflets to spread through digital communication methods. ICS strategize, design, and copywrite leaflets and brochures to communicate four main purposes. To increase brand awareness by portraying the image of your business in a manner which illustrates the quality of your service and products. A means of communication between you and your target customers through important information with regards to your services, products, and contact information. To portray the image of your business in a manner which proves your expertise and capabilities in your industry. To increase advertise and promote your services in an eye-catching manner.


We are cable of photographing, people, products, sites, and events. Collect a library of photos which portray your business personality through customer interactions and loyalty to promote your business to leave a long-lasting good impression.


We offer the service of video production. Videos are planned to suit your needs after which digital video content is recorded. Use such videos as a marketing tool which portrays your professional company image, products and services to your target audience whether they are investors, consumers, clients or potential partners


We create exceptional motion graphics with the use of the best digital media specialists. Communicate to your target audience in an eye-catching manner while adding depth and meaning to the messages you seek to portray through the screen. Your advertisements shall be more noticeable through the illusion of movement, accompanied by music cues. Advertise a large amount of information in a short
period of time.



ICS specifically chose to develop in the field of e-commerce since we are in the era of the technological boom and we are currently within a fast-passed world. Hence, businesses strive through online trading and consumers find it convenient and time-efficient to carry out purchases online. In relation, ICS offers the service of website developments customized to our clients’ needs and requirements to aid them in development during the technological boom. The technical business solutions ICS offers are mainly related to accounting and business operations.

ICS is experienced in the field of accounting programs and the integration of accounting programs with payroll systems, cheque printing tools, and e-commerce.

The marketing services ICS offer is; a marketing plan, social media packages, branding, animated products, photography and printed media. ICS specifically chose to emerge in the field of marketing since it is aligned with technological services emerging as a result of the technological boom. The marketing industry today is at a dynamic crossroad as many people spend an inordinate time on- line; working, playing, shopping and connecting. Hence, online marketing is the new marketing frontier and the marketing world is a transformative and exciting time within the marketing world. The wide range of marketing services ICS offer shall help organizations reach a wide range of target consumers and markets.

ICS Bahrain’s main goal is to build long term partnerships with their cus-
tomers to help them strive and succeed in their business. ICS Bahrain’s ability to sustain long lasting mutual beneficial relationships is the rea-
son behind its success. ICS is able and willing to provide their custom-
ers with quality services in the field of marketing, IT and accounting.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with the most effective, and efficient
business solution through the continuous development and
improvement of our innovative products and professional

Our Vision

To offer businesses worldwide the best innovative business
solutions in terms of quality, efficiency, and effectiveness


+(973) 17002919,

Road 3620, Block, 436, Building 947, Office 44, Seef District Bahrain